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It takes years of effort to create a viable, valuable enterprise. Proper planning helps preserve that value.
Business Succession Planning Services

Benemax advises closely-held private companies that are contemplating a change in ownership or management control in the near or distant future.

We help create a corporate environment that allows existing shareholders to achieve their financial and personal objectives by implementing strategies that extract maximum shareholder value, while positioning the company for long-term success following its transition.

Even successful firms sometimes need to alter their corporate structure, organizational design or business strategy to effectively manage change. They must be properly positioned to generate optimum value from a sale, inter-generational transfer or other succession strategy. This may involve planning and/or implementing changes in the following areas:

Business Strategy

Organizational Design

Corporate Structure

We offer support and advisory services in these key areas of the business succession process in collaboration with industry-leading professionals in related fields, or through the client’s current advisors.

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