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Our Vision

We view ourselves as your partners in the benefits management process. Our mission is to help you realize a positive return on your benefits investment by having a positive impact on as many drivers of recruitment, retention, productivity, satisfaction and engagement as possible.

We're building Benemax's capabilities to help clients address the human capital needs of this new century. This is based on our belief that true sustainable advantage is linked to your company's ability to integrate a unique set of activities in a manner that creates real value for your customers. Successful execution of those activities rests on the quality, cohesiveness and engagement of your workforce. This is where we strive to make a difference.

Benefits contribute to employee wellbeing, by protecting them against the risk and effect of poor health, and by reducing both their short- and long-term financial risk. When these basic needs are properly looked after, your workforce is more secure and satisfied, and more likely to stay with your company.

We further enhance wellbeing and financial security through a series of targeted, highly effective wellness initiatives that are delivered through a core group of strategic partners. These initiatives help shape individual action and create corporate environments that lead to healthier, more productive employees — positively influencing your bottom line. We lead the process and selectively add team members with the right kind of expertise to deal with the issue at hand. Our focus is to find solutions that make sense to you — based on your needs and capabilities.

Finally, we link benefits to broader HR functions in the areas of compensation, productivity management, labour relations and HR Strategy.

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