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Our Privacy Policy

Benemax Financial Group Inc. is committed to the appropriate and authorized use of any Confidential Business Information or Personal Information you or your employees may choose to disclose to us.

We require access to certain Confidential Business Information to provide benefits services on your behalf. The Confidential Business Information we seek will depend on the nature of the work we are conducting. As agents acting on your behalf, we may only share this Confidential Business Information with authorized entities and their employees after receiving your approval to do so. Authorized entities include:

In addition to these authorized entities, we may from time to time share your Confidential Business Information with other entities or individuals on your behalf, subject to your prior authorization.

What is Personal Information?

Personal Information includes, among other information, employee and employer name, home address and telephone number, age and date of birth, gender, marital status, Social Insurance Number.

We collect, use, and disclose Personal Information for the purpose of enrolling employees for coverage under an employee benefit plan in which they are either a beneficiary or have an interest. Additionally, we collect and use employee Personal Information to identify employees and their dependents.

Personal Information is disclosed to insurance carriers or plan administrators who provide employees and their dependents with benefits. We do this so that if there is a claim, it can be processed and benefits can be paid. The insurance carriers or plan administrators to whom we provide Personal Information have developed their own privacy policies, which are available upon request to employers and employees. We do not provide Personal Information to any other parties, unless legally required to do so and we would not provide Personal Information to a third party without the employee’s or dependant’s express written consent.

What Personal Information Do We Provide to Employers?

Under our contract to provide brokerage and/or consulting services to employers, we prepare reports summarizing the claims experience of the benefit plan. However, these reports do not contain information that could allow an employer to identify a specific employee or any dependents. Information received about specific claims is kept strictly confidential.

How Do We Obtain Consent?

Employees have consented to enrollment in a benefit plan by signing the employee enrollment form.


All employees and officers of Benemax Financial Group Inc. are accountable for protecting the confidentiality and security of any Confidential Business Information and Personal Information under our control. We will take all reasonably necessary steps to protect the secrecy of your Confidential Business Information and Personal Information, and to prevent such information from falling into the public domain or into the possession of unauthorized entities.

Sale or trade of confidential information:

Benemax Financial Group Inc. will not sell or trade any of the Confidential Business Information or Personal Information you disclose to us.

Frank Goitanich

President, Benemax Financial Group Inc.


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